Stoter Farm

Timothy Hay 6.25 lb. by Stoter Farm, 100% Canadian. Hay for Rabbits Guinea Pigs Chinchilla and Other Small Pets

  • Proudly grown on our farm in Guelph ON, Canada. We cut, dry and bale our hay naturally under the sun.
  • Delivered fresh in a resealable bag for your convenience.
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Stoter Farm

Need to purchase in bulk?

  • Stoter Farm offers the option to buy hay in bulk. You can purchase up to four resealable bags at once or opt for a box of loose hay for a more environmentally friendly alternative.
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Stoter Farm

Stoter Farm Early & Adult Life Timothy Enriched Rabbit & Guinea Kibble

  • Stoter Farm also provides a range of kibble options for both early-life and adult rabbits and guinea pigs. Select from a variety of sizes available!
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"I love Canadian pets eating Canadian hay" Jason Stoter

Jason Stoter, his wife Faye and their family are behind Stoter Farm. Started in 2019, the farm aims to provide Canadian timothy hay to Canadian pets. Today, it ships timothy hay nationwide and is aiming to appear in more brick and mortar stores.

“For us to come up with a good, quality option for Canadian hay, people are delighted,” Stoter said of timothy hay, “and we receive feedback all the time from people, Canadians are awesome.”

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